Still here!

How bizare I have already written this stinking entry 3 times!!

Its only purpose is to tell you that we are still alive and I am working hard in the background re-writing scripts and such. I also met an interesting designer t’other week who is going to cost out some of our weird and wonderful ideas for the Julie’s Shoes set. I must say that rehearsals are going a little slower that I antcipated but life tends to do this sometimes, i.e. get in the way!

I am still struggling to figure out what to do with the website gubbins so any suggestions are welcome! – clearly a proof reader would be a good start as I checked it the other day and was sickened by my crappy writing, time constraints when sending the text off means I rush it sometimes, maybe I should have a “spot the spelling mistake” page!!

I had an interesting meeting with the lovely Stephanie Upsall last night and it looks as though POUT might be developing some working partnerships with WYTN soon, very excited about this!! Hopefully I will be able to tell you more soon.

 I am hoping to start talks and do some recruitment to produce a POUT press soon so watch out for calls for entries coming your way soon, my plan is to develop a kind of underground press for non-commercial political art/artists – bit ambitious but I’ll try anything once!

I’m sure there are other things I should be doing/talking about here but let’s face it I’m not the best blogger, but at least its all true!! 🙂

Oh and I am hoping to bash out another news review/information post soon, although selecting one issue to write about is hard for a waffle head like me… Until next time, VIVA LA POUT – which stands for Political Operations Under Threat (not sure if I have ever actually told anyone that, oops)

Ta, Em


About poutproductions

Emma is the opinionated founder of POUT - Political Operations Under Threat


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