POUT needs YOU!

Welcome to the REVOLUTION

Political Operations Under Threat aka POUT Productions needs your help, we want to build a team of Political POUT PEOPLE to dodge the bourgeois bullets that are so tempting to us theatre makers, but we CANNOT do this WITHOUT YOU!

We are looking to RECRUIT in the following areas so if you are interested in making work that has grown from a tradition born of the great political theatre movement of the 50s,60s and 70s then please join us, help us MAKE A DIFFERENCE in consultation with REAL people. Work WITH US to stand INDIPENDANTLY FROM GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY and make work with no constraints. Work with us find a new way of showing work in pubs and clubs across YORKSHIRE, work with us to SMASH the mould and make challenging short SHARP works that pack a PUNCH through the BEER goggles and the beat boxes!

Let’s MAKE our mark with Yorkshire and CREATE something truly INSPIRING, let’s create a MOVEMENT!

Areas of care:

POUT PRODUCTIONS: producing, writing and creating the live theatrical work that will be toured around the communities of Leeds; this is the live public interface of the company.

BLAG SQUAD: fighting for space in venues where we can get our voice heard, they will be blagging our set, props, and costumes – this is a wide area and would overlap into many creative avenues (the Blag Squad can make, brake, buy or borrow things from the land folk using their special powers)

Intervention Squad: enacting Guerrilla warfare on Yorkshire, these interventions will be many and mad and will be supported by our overall Chalk-Talk Operation. The IS will split into two subsidiary areas of care:

  • Live POUTs: these are the on-the-ground interventions the public spectacles; these are the people chasing coppers POUTs…
  • Low Tech POUTs: these are the mass produced POUTS; these are the parodies of politicians using YouTube POUTs…

POUT Press: producing an underground press that only publishes articles that are not publically available – more on this later.

EMAIL poutproductions@mail.com / e.d.jackson@live.co.uk

CALL 07725488403

WEBSITE www.poutproductions.co.uk (bear with it though as it is a little “underdeveloped” bless it)


About poutproductions

Emma is the opinionated founder of POUT - Political Operations Under Threat


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