The hunt for Ratko Mladic

So we have caught another bad guy, eh, it is very distasteful though knowing that the primary reason for giving him up to The Hague is based upon Serbia’s entry into the glorious EU. They should perhaps be refused on those grounds alone!

Look, I am not going to go on a big rant/conspiracy trail today I just wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on these events for the families. It will be hard for the families of the victims to find solace in the capture of Mladic, a bitter-sweet ending to a 16 year wait for justice. Justice than I am afraid these families might never get, they are already playing the “I’m an old shaky man with a slack arm” card – it was not so slack back in the 90s though was it Mladic, when you murdered over 100’000 people before I had even left school. 

A war criminal that time forgot, a disgraceful tyrant that told his child victims he would keep them safe and then shot them all one by one in a firing line, over 68’000 muslims were murdered under during his siege – many of the victims of Srebrenica being children (boys in school uniforms).

So whilst the Governments congratulate themselves for finally bringing him out of his expensive villa and into the daylight, I will not be rejoicing, I will be thinking about the people who were murdered in those years and i will be hoping that the families can perhaps lay some of their pain to rest – though this is easier said than done (sadly, I know this from experience).

For the families and the victims: if I could set fire to rain to make all who forgot about you remember, I would.

Yours ever



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