NEWK: tonight

I don’t normally do two blogs a week, but these guys deserve a shout out and I really want people to start taking notice of what they do, so read on and hopefully I might be able to convince you to join me in supporting them.

NEWK: NEw and unfinished WorK is a new platform for contemporary theatre, dance and live art to showcase an extract or short piece or new or unfinished work.

 It is not often that you find a (primarily) self-funded project that is all about supporting new work, these events occur on the last Wednesday of every month, they are relaxed, informal and all about giving artists the opportunity to present their work in front of a new crowd, for feedback. Now I can here a few groans out there at the mere mention of the word feedback, BUT, it really is essential so that we don’t keep reproducing the same form of happy clappy work; it is not enforced at these events, you can give feedback at the end of the show or wait and email the artists anonymously (via Matt and Co), so you really do get the opportunity to be honest. My normal gripe with the feedback folly is that it is extremely dishonest and more often than not a bit of a wank fest for all parties concerned to just stroke each other’s egos, but after talking with Matt and other artists in general about this we all feel the need to start supporting each other in a more critical way. I’m not saying we should all start spitting on each other and shouting “what a load of old SHIT”, I just think we need to start being a little more honest about the work we see and think about it seriously – if we want the theatre to survive in this tumultuous climate we MUST start producing top notch work otherwise we just get branded as floppy haired pompy people who don’t live in the real world. We do live in the real world and we can produce great work, but we cannot do this until we start being honest with each other, so if you agree (even in the slightest) then please spare a few hours and come down tonight.

 It is a bargain at only £2.70 if you book online!

 BUY TICKETS HERE: http://newk.eventbrite.com/

 The performances selected are:

…Broken Ground – Constructing Control.

Curate Expectations – The Smallest of Talk

Hannah Buckley and Dwayne Antony Simms – A conversation: part 1

Hosted by The Skeleton Project: www.skeletonproject.co.uk

Action Jackson, over and out 🙂


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