Workshop with a LEGEND


An Exploration of Organic Directing Skills: A very rare opportunity has arisen thanks to the hard-working team at WYTN headquarters, yes, the local legend Rod Dixon, Artistic director of Red Ladder, is going to be heading up the very first Skills Sharing workshop for WYTN.


If you are interested in organic approaches to directing and want to learn from a politically aware and very supportive character, then get booked onto this workshop now. I promise you all the tickets will go sharpish, it’s not often you get this sort of opportunity for £20 is it?!


The workshop will be a mix of physical and textual approaches to performance, and will be predicated upon building a connection between participants before moving on to some text-based work.


The workshop will be useful for directors and artists like, and will give you a rare opportunity to an insight into how Rod runs his own rehearsal room.


Directing is such an organic process – it all depends on the text and the company. (Rod Dixon, Legend of Red Ladder)


Venue: TBC, Leeds
Date: Saturday 1st October 2011
Times: 10am – 5pm
Cost: £20
How to book: http://directingwithroddixon.eventbrite.com/

For more information about what Rod and the magnificent team at Red Ladder do, please visit:



Right, time for a ciggy break me thinks 😉






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