Biggest Event in November!

WYTN is holding its massive re-launch event on the 26th November, all I can say is, if after reading this you haven’t booked a ticket then you must be high or dead because if you work/want to work in the arts then this is the night FOR YOU!


How rude, well, I’ll give you 10 reasons God dammit!

  1. Over 250 people in the arts ready to talk to and network with
  2. Guest celebrities and LIVE music
  3. Stalls including, art dealers, studios, agencies, theatre companies and much more!
  4. LIVE casting showcase: a chance for all you actors to show the casting directors from across the country what you are made of, get some work and get yourself seen
  5. A workshop for actors (to warm you folk up) between 4pm – 4.45pm
  6. FREE Raffle: win a variety of great prizes including a free WYTN membership, cinema tickets, meals for two, drinks and a whole lot more!
  7. Colour identification bands: each attendee can select a coloured band to represent which areas of the creative industries they work in/ or are interested in, making it easier for people to identify each other and connect with relevant people.
  8. WYTN staff on hand to offer advice
  9. The price of your ticket back if you buy a membership on the night
  10. Access to all attendees contact information just in case you don’t quite make it round everyone or you forget your pen


Right, now get your tickets booked and I shall see thee there 😉




About poutproductions

Emma is the opinionated founder of POUT - Political Operations Under Threat


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