Press release for Julie’s Shoes

Courting controversy: Julie’s Shoes and the Afghanistan war

Artistic director of POUT Productions Emma Jackson challenges the politics behind the Afghanistan war in murderous new play Julie’s Shoes. A powerful production that sees a new breed of political satire come alive in venues across West Yorkshire throughout December. FREE admission available at all performances, visit www.poutproductions.co.uk to reserve your free ticket now.  

Fri 9th December Henry Boons, Wakefield, WF2 9SR (7.30-8.15pm)

Sat 10th December The Fox & Newt, Leeds, LS3 1LD (7.30-8.15pm)

Fri 16th December The Packhorse, Leeds, LS2 9DX (7.30-8.15pm)

Sat 17th December The Grove Inn, Huddersfield, HD1 4BP (6.30-8.15pm)

Julie’s Shoes engages with the Afghanistan war on a personal level and courts controversy via a murderous plot, a harrowing set design and a tortured victim.

The show opens with a Chaplin style film projected onto a blood stained mattress and a nameless man is seen paying his respects to a grieving mother. The man becomes the victim of his own guilt as Julie attacks him with tears laden with excuses to stay with her. The victim with no name is next seen on stage struggling to hold a stress position reminiscent of torture techniques used in the military, whilst the blackly comic Julie opens the show with “fancy a choccie biccy love?”

Julie eventually confesses to her victim that he is not the first and unless she can wash the blood and memories from her hands then he will not be the last. The show borders on the surreal as the Julie’s murderous plot is revealed and we cannot help but laugh and cry with Julie as she unearths the incredulity of an epic war that has lasted over 10 years.

A blatant reflection of the events of the war itself the pain and grief of a nation that has lost many brave soldiers, and who have no real answers from its government about when it will end, is at the heart of this bold performance. A must see for those who will be remembering lost loves this Christmas.

With a talented local cast and a polished debut performance POUT productions are set to bring the bustling live shows of the 70s back into the pubs of West Yorkshire.

The company

POUT Productions, aka Political Operations Under Threat, are a collective of local artists working to create gritty British political theatre. POUT only perform in Yorkshire and when asked what they do, Artistic Director Emma Jackson replied:

“We explore society and behaviour in all its guises and we present it to you with a bitter-sweet soundtrack and a wry British smile”

POUT use social media, theatre, performance art, music, print and film to fuse pop culture aesthetics with a more organic approach to performance. The effect is high quality work at a low cost to their audiences. POUT perform in pubs, clubs, fields and festivals throughout Yorkshire.




Please feel free to distribute this material as appropriate and thank you for taking the time to read it

I hope to see you at one of the shows

Kind regards



About poutproductions

Emma is the opinionated founder of POUT - Political Operations Under Threat


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